Environmental issues

Within the Hotels of Iceland group we strive to achieve environmental standards that we can be proud of and that our patrons will be pleased with. We want to lead the way when it comes to environmental issues in the hotel industry in Iceland and we intend to do so. The same applies to social responsibility. For us, it is a sure thing to support.

Nordic ecolabelling criteria for hotels

Grand Hotel Reykjavik is the first one of our hotels that has conformed to the Nordic Ecolabeling criteria for hotels and is, according to our knowledge, the only hotel in Reykjavík to do so. We take great pride in the work we have been doing at the Grand Hotel Reykjavik which is currently the only hotel in our hotel chain do have been awarded any environmental certificates. The hotel will come to lay the lines for the rest of our operation for the coming years but we do as we can to minimize the ecolocial foorprint at each of our hotels.