Corporate responsibility

Serving the public interest in regard to charitable, environmental and cultural concerns is Hotels of Iceland's ongoing and earnest endeavor. Each month our Grant Committee meets to consider requests for grants or to place an ad or "sponsorship line" in magazines. We are glad to contribute to recognized organizations such as those listed where there is a need for help and we depend on you to keep us informed.

Here is a brief list of our beneficiaries over the past few years.

Umhyggja is an organisation devoted to the improvement of living conditions of chronically ill chrildren and their families. The organisation consists of parents that have themselves experinced those conditions alongside with skilled healtcareworkers. The main goals er to provide information about the needs of chronically ill children and to point those needs out to the authorities, encourage reforms when it comes to facilities.

Umhyggja also strives to bring together organisations that share their goals, both foreign and domestic.

The organisation operates in the benefit for all women, men and chrildren that are in need. The need for an organisation such as "Fjölskylduhjálp Íslands" has been growing the past years but in the period from 2012 to 2013, the organisation distributed over 30.000 food units to families and individuals in need compared to 15.000 units in 2006.

The organisation mainly assists single mothers and fathers, senior citizens and low income individuals. The need is great.

The Icelandic League against Rheumatism was founded in 1976 and has approximately 5.200 members (1.8 % of the population in Iceland) in four regional branches.. Within the League, there are several groups based upon special diagnoses and age, where patients give support and information.

The League is an organisation for people with different kinds of rheumatic diseases. The main goal is to improve quality of life, fight for more effective treatment and support with funding scientific research in rheumatology.

The “AHC association of Iceland” is a patient association for patients with Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood , a non-profit organization offering support for affected children and their families. AHC association of Iceland was founded in March 2009 by Sigurdur Hólmar Jóhannesson and Ragnheiður Erla Hjaltadóttir parents of Sunna Valdís the first AHC patient in Iceland. Artist Ólafur Darri Ólafsson is protector of AHC Association of Iceland.

Main goals are to provide information about AHC in Iceland, provide support to the patients and their families, look after interests of people with AHC and their families, promote the study into the cause of AHC and to promote the study into an effective medical treatment for AHC.

Samhjálp is an organisation devoted to the various charity work for the past 40 years in Iceland with the added goal to aid those that fight alcohol and drub addictions. The goal of the organisation is to aid those individuals that have fallen short in life due to illness, poverty or any other sort of social difficulty, through added welfare and their own desire for reforms.

The Icelandic Cancer Society (ICS) was established on the 27th of June 1951. The ICS has a remarkable history and has through the decades concentrated its engagement on prevention (e.g.cancer detection), education, research and patient services. A new policy has recently been adopted for the Icelandic Cancer Society, which should provide guidance to the year 2018.

The Icelandic Cancer Society is an umbrella organization of 34 member associations (24 local associations around the countryside and 10 support groups). At the Annual General Assembly, seven members are elected to the governing board of the Icelandic Cancer Society. The current chairman is Jakob Johannsson M.D. and the CEO is Ragnheiður Haraldsdóttir. The Board meets regulary every month. The Chairmen of the various member cancer associations convene as a rule in the autumn, often outside the capital area.

The main role of the Icelandic Cancer Society is to be at the forefront of the fight against cancer.

The prevention work, called „Forvarnarfræðsla Magga Stef“, is a project that  is organized to offer students a range of educational experiences as they learn facts about drugs and neuroscience, and to support educators and parents as they facilitate student learning.

Magnús Stefánsson, who is the manager, has been working in prevention in schools and businesses on these same issues for 15 years.

An independent organisation aimed at protecting forestry in Reykjavik but its main goals are to strenghten forestry and knowledge about it in Reykjavik

The organisation works within the University of Iceland and was established in 2001 in association with the 90 year anniversary of the university. Madame Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, former president of Iceland, has aided the organisation in its founding years.

One of the more than 190 countries and territories that UNICEF is active in is Iceland. UNICEF Iceland was established in 2004, making it the youngest of the national committees for UNICEF.

The National committee of UNICEF Iceland serves as the public front and dedicated voice of UNICEF in Iceland and works to raise funds from individuals, the private sector and organisations for international aid work and specific projects worldwide.

We do not stop at the above mentioned for we also do our part when it comes to endorsing the youth sports movement in Iceland. That is why we regulary give grants to various sports assocations. The following are only a small part of the organisations we have endorsed over the years.

Our grand review committee meets on a monthly basis to assess grant requests and we strive to answer all of them. It is our pleasure to endorse any licensed organsation and we welcome all suggestions of such.

  • The Reykjavik Badminton Association
  • The Breiðablik Swimming Association
  • Völsungur sports movement in Húsavík
  • Patrekur basketball team in Patreksfjörður
  • Dalvík skiing organisation
  • FRAM football club
  • The Icelandic Swimming Assocation