About Hotels
of Iceland

Hotels of Iceland currently operates 17 hotels in Iceland; Fosshotel, a chain of 15 hotels located in Reykjavík and all around Iceland as well as Grand Hotel Reykjavík and Hotel Reykjavik Centrum.

All together that counts to over 1.700 hotel rooms and over 800 employees.

In the Public Interest

Serving the public interest in regard to charitable, environmental and cultural concerns is Hotels of Iceland's ongoing and earnest endeavor. Each month our Grant Committee meets to consider requests for grants or to place an ad or "sponsorship line" in magazines. We are glad to contribute to recognized organizations such as those listed where there is a need for help and we depend on you to keep us informed.

Environmental Issues

Within the Hotels of Iceland group we strive to achieve environmental standards that we can be proud of and that our patrons will be pleased with. Grand Hotel Reykjavik is the first one of our hotels that has conformed to the Nordic Ecolabeling criteria for hotels and is, according to our knowledge, the only hotel in Reykjavík to do so.

Board of directors

Ólafur Torfason
Owner / Chairman
Davíð T. Ólafsson
Managing Director
Bragi Ragnarsson
Board Member
Salvör L. Brandsdóttir
Board member
Kolbrún Jónsdóttir
Board Member
Margit Robertet
Board Member